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[Pinned] Ways to help CORP

People have been asking me recently what they can do to help. You don't even need to be a mod to improve the channel. Here's a few things you can do as a community to help improve the quality of CORP.1) Don't argue: It's one thing to debate a topi...
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[Pinned] Obligatory Real Life Picture Thread

This thread was bound to show up some time or another so why not make it a sweet sticky thread for all to enjoy sexually.Me and Mr.Pigglesworth don't fuck around!
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[Pinned] Ventrilo server!
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[Pinned] Ventrilo server!

All right, so thanks to Rezz, we won't have to try and get another ventrilo server. He has donated his unused server to CORP.To access the server use:IP: cowboy.hidef-voice.comPort: 5056A few things first: No drama. Starting any sort of drama ...
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Thundrax is in peril!

Many of you have interacted with one of the longest playing members of our community, Scott Bennie, either here on the forums or in game as his PC, Thundrax. Some of you are also aware that Scott is a professional game author and one of the most p...
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Villains RP channel

I wasn't sure where else to put this. I created a channel for more villainous types of characters to ICly RP. it is similar to Champions RP channel where it's a place for villain characters to come together for rallying to various pursuits (bank r...
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What If Star Wars Were an Icelandic Saga? (and Other Oddities)

For those playing characters who're playing characters of a Norse background. or who are interested in te sagas. Very strange. but funny if you know a bit about the background of those stories.
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A pet for your favorite supervillain
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CORP Art Project

Hello all, After all the hassle, we're finally starting the next CORP Art Project!Currently we have 18 characters in it with the deadline having already passed.I will be using this thread to post updates and archive videos. Once the piece is done,...
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New CORP pic pledge thread

This thread is for people who want in on the new corp picture. It's 20 dollars a person to get in. I'm making this as a head count and you don't owe money yet, but please do not, I repeat DO NOT post here if you are not planning on being in the co...
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General Discussion

Golden Age Champions Kickstarter is live! will be a supplement extensively detailing the official Champions Universe -- heroes, villains, factions, and events -- for the period immediately before, durin...
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Why your @Handle?

So, I noticed everyone has different and unique game handles. mine is "@leroyswish". I'm wondering...Is there a reason why you picked a particular one?Handle @leroyswishSo, it may be rare for some of you to know this, but my name is not Leroy. Not...
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Thor Ragnarok Trailer

Oh Hela. Get ready to Ragnarok and roll.
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Find the Crime?

This comes out of my Curiosity and several discussions with friends online and off. How do superheros find the villains? And I don't mean the sort that rob the bank and sit around waiting for their nemesis to show up that every hero has a stable ...
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Computer issues

In case anyone was wondering, on top of a plethora of health issues, I've had some computer issues too, including blue screens and my PC outright not turning on. I figured as admin I should let people know whats happening, since I haven't been on ...
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Your Porn Name!

So, I was watching a show to fall asleep, and this part about figuring out your porn name came on and .. well... here I am!The game is simple. Take the first part of the street you lived on as a kid, and your first pet's name, and that's your por...
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Been a while

Good evening everyone.@sean_raiko here and I just wanted to stop by and say hi. I wanted to say thank you for all you have given me in my life. you helped provide a wonderful place for me to be free from what my daily life was. You helped my imagi...
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Need a favor

Could someone with a Kindle try to see if it can access this file, and if so, does it look kosher? Thanks.
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Old time travel movie

I realize this may not be the place to ask, but I don't frequent many venues so I'm hoping someone here might have an idea. I'm trying to remember an old movie about a small crew traveling back in time. All I can actually remember about It is that...
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Speak with your mouth, not your fingers!

So I noticed that we obviously no longer have a Ventrillo. That sucks, because talking can sometimes be better than texting! So here's an idea. How about I, and perhaps Astro and Caps if they want to, manage a Discord server? It's a free app t...
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CORP Discussion of its Future and Duckwaffles

NOTE: There will be no duckwaffles. I'm terribly sorry. I just really, really wanted to use that word somewhere.Anyway, Hi! I'm still here! I lurk a lot in CORP these days and don't say much but I still play time to time so I felt it was alright t...
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