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[Pinned] Event Overviews
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[Pinned] Event Overviews

Yeah, I got you with that. No, I’m not holding any events, plots, arcs or anything noticeable myself. But with all the events being presented in the last days, I thought we could use an overview. And here it is, complete with links to the original...
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Player Events

[Pinned] Event Posting Guidelines [Please Read]

Make sure to tag your event accordingly with specific details of date, place, shard and time. All events must have the PDT and GMT times in the title. There are appropriately timed clocks in the Calendar section. Also when posting your event th...
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Player Events

Storming The Castle (RP Crossover Event - 4:00 PM Tuesday May 29th)

In a island nation across the border of the region of China.Lies a utopia like city much advanced in civilization.During the morning time, A helicopter was shown in the sky,It were revealed to be shooting a heat seeking missile combined with a min...
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Player Events

THE CULT OF ADRANUS (PotW/Progeny/CORP - 4 part event! Sat Jan 20th and Sun Jan 21st)

The CULT OF ADRANUS has set its eyes squarely upon Millennium City in an all out effort to finish what Dr. Destroyer began many years ago... to raze the city to the ground and with it, the heroes who defend it!!! They move without hesitation, seek...
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Player Events

(RP) Ancient Tomb (September 13 or 14, 2017 1:00 GMT 18:00 PDT)

A bit on short notice, but oh well.The Dhi Qar Governorate is one of the poorest parts of an already conflict stricken Iraq, a mess of marshes, floodplains, and baking heat. It would otherwise escape all notice at all save by those who live there...
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Player Events

Vampire Hunt

I will be running a short Event tonight (Sunday ca 10pm GMT) Theme will be a hunt for for a Vampire and its Aliies in the Detroint/Millenium City Habour Area.Morality: Shades of greyAll are welcome (Please be gentle this is my first time I a...
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Player Events

Mind Games Part II

Part II - The Race Against TimeFollowing the events at the embassy, the PCs will discover the truth of just how far over the edge the king has been pushed, and the truth behind the adage that "desperate people often take desperate measures." But ...
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MIND GAMES: A short multi-night eventIt starts simply enough: a king holding a dinner party to gain support for his plan to help his people. But each of us has a past, and each of us have scars that have shaped who we are. What happens when that p...
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Player Events

Chiaroscuro: An Event Series

((Just interested in the when, and not the why or how? Skip to the bottom!))Chiaroscuro. From Italian, meaning, 'bright and dark'.What came first was simply a test. Now that that the mettle is tempered, it will be bent. It will be broken. Shadows ...
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Player Events

[RP] "Meet Me At The Pumpkin Festival"

“Meet Me At The Pumpkin Festival”RP, RP Mission?It’s autumn once again in the little burg of Tigerlily Township, and that can only mean one thing: the Pumpkin Festival is back in town! Or, at least, it will be in about a week or two. While the hay...
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Player Events

When You Wish Upon A Superstar...

The Three Wishes foundation has asked you to fulfill the three wishes of a small child who's fighting a terminal illness. What is the price of a little girl's happiness?Tuesday Sept. 13 at 530 ST/Pacific.
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Player Events

[Social] Fundraising Event - 8/9!

The invitation you've received came in a perfectly smooth, cream toned envelope that was slid into your mailbox. As soon as you opened the envelope you saw the symbol of Forge Inc. ((not a supergroup)) that was cordially inviting you to the fundra...
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Player Events

Ruby in the Rough Finale: WAVE

Ruby in the Rough Part 1Ruby in the Rough Part 2Ruby in the Rough Part 3After the revelation of what WAVE is things are now at the breaking point as Chalk and his conspirators have finally made a reappearance. In space directly outside of the Ear...
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Player Events

What do you all like to see in RP events?

Hello there! So, I'm not very familiar with RPing with a lot of the CORP members. So I figure, let's change that, yeah? I have several ideas for events that I could possibly put together for people to join, but I don't want to start with one pe...
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Player Events

Belle's Saloon

Every Friday at 8 EST I do a music streaming event at Belles Saloon. All rpers are welcome, music address is: usually goes three or so hours, though people are welcome to stay as long as they like. Sometimes an RP ev...
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Player Events

Independence day

When: July 4thTime: noon serverJuly 4th, 2016. Most families are having their barbecues and good times. However, in one part of the US, something that can disrupt the american way of life forever is threatening to overtake Boston. Can the heroes g...
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Player Events

Ruby in the Rough Part 3: Proper Showdown ((Forum RP))

Due to the scale of this event there is no way I can do this ingame. So I have to do it entirely in forum rp. That being said if you are interested then please go to this link here for details: Ruby in the Rough Part 3 DetailsIf you are interested...
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Player Events

A Formal Wedding Invitation ( June 11th, 2016)

OOC:This is really to those who know her and its been set for a while months in advance but am currently setting the invitation publicly to CORP. I wouldn't expect much since this IS a wedding for Faye to her NPC Fiance and I'm still working how t...
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Player Events

Infinity Society World War of Heroes

Hello folks, I am here to inform people about this special event Infinity Society is holding. World War Comic/RP event. What happens is these heroes of the society and othe...
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Player Events

Ruby in the Rough Part 2: Chalk

Ruby in the Rough Part 2: ChalkThe man known as Chalk After the events from the incident in Birdsville, Australia, this situation has raised itself from minor threat to full blown world wide threatFor reference a summary of said incident mention i...
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