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Superteam Information and Recruitment

[Pinned] New Supergroups List

Hero Groups:The Aurora Institute A multi-faceted group with focuses on scientific research, technological advancements, magical studies, and a school for young would-be heroes. The Guild of Clandestine Wardens A privately funded organization of he...
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Superteam Information and Recruitment

[Pinned] Recruiters and LFG (Looking for Group section)

Recruiters! Don't forget to check out the new LFG section for possible interest!
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Superteam Information and Recruitment

[Pinned] Superteam Recruitment/LFG Guidelines [Please Read]

Only Superteam Recruitment and "Hero Looking For Superteam" threads are allowed here. You may also start threads asking the community about a certain superteam and their experience with them. Threads or posts designed to start conflict with blatan...
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Superteam Information and Recruitment

Brigade, the Multi-Man

(Crossposted from official forums.)Brigade, the Multi-Man, is a Super Hero with a unique power: he can split his body into multiple copies. Beyond that, whenever he makes a new copy, it develops its own powers, completely independent of his own su...
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Superteam Information and Recruitment

Protectors of the World possibly looking for a few good people!

Do you enjoy playing characters that fit the mold of the Avengers or JLA? Do you enjoy playing the game but hate drama? If so, the Protectors of the World may be a good fit for you. We've been around for nearing on three years so we have a bit of ...
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Superteam Information and Recruitment

Operation hammer aka Hammer Company is recruiting.

(Since i havent herd nor seen anything military, i decided to set Operation Hammer in motion. More of it below)Operation Hammers history.Operation hammer was an idea that form in the young mind of a young soldier, the idea was to from an elite pri...
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Superteam Information and Recruitment

VINDICATION: The New Modern Vindicators

The Age of Vindication ReturnsWe are Vindication. A team of individuals, with mutation or technology, with guns or emitters, with fists or non-corporeal fists, regardless of origin, power, or homeworld, we are the sword against corperations who se...
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Superteam Information and Recruitment

COMPASS: 2018 Recruitment Opportunities

COMPASS is an organization based in Millennium City’s Downtown district. Founded by Rodney “the Wheelman” Duelleck in 2015, COMPASS aims to provide metahuman heroes and civilians-- locally and across the country-- with access to social assistance ...
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Superteam Information and Recruitment

Project On Call Is Looking For The Next Branch Of Heroes!

I'm going to point you right to our site's link so you can read the full information.All you need to know is by clicking hereBut in case that link doesn't work for some reason? Here's a copy of what's said right here too:Hello! SoulStar speaking, ...
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Superteam Information and Recruitment

The COALITION is starting... (interest check)

I recently did an interest check on something called the SECRET PROTECTORS on my team's forums. This was a covert/ black ops style super hero team in the vein of X-FORCE or SECRET AVENGERS. To that end, I have started THE COALITION, whose purpose ...
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Superteam Information and Recruitment

Lets build an RP SG

A little over a year ago I decided it was time to re-build my old City of Heroes SG (the United Sentinels of America) in CO. The USofA had existed in CO since the game launched, but most of the old players have gone and it had dwindled to a small ...
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Superteam Information and Recruitment

Looking for true super heroics? (Protectors of the World/ The Progeny are RECRUITING!)

Do you aspire to create and play a true super hero? Do you enjoy crafting stories with others and wish to be part of a team environment? Well, we may be the team(s) you are looking for! Both the Progeny (think RUNAWAYS/ TEEN TITANS/ YOUNG AVENGERS...
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Superteam Information and Recruitment

D.R.A.G.O.N. is recruiting! (Villains' RP Group)

You may or may not have heard of us, not that it matters. All that matters, is that unless the superhumans take their rightful place as lords of the Earth, the times will never change.If you are superhuman, we are here to set you free, if you woul...
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Superteam Information and Recruitment

Blackwatch Defenders are recruiting!

Who We AreComing from all backgrounds, walks of life, and in some cases different dimensions, we move through the streets of Millennium City, the hot sands of the desert, the freezing land of the Canadian terrain. Helping where we can when we are ...
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Superteam Information and Recruitment

The House of Thorns

(Click Banner to go to our Forums)The House of ThornsAbout usThe House of Thorns is an Adult Supergroup, this meaning all members are above the age of 18, if you're not Eighteen or older, you can stop reading now. There are a few reasons for this;...
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Superteam Information and Recruitment

The Progeny is seeking TEEN HEROES!

I'm looking to add possibly 2-3 TEEN heroes to one of my SG's, THE PROGENY. I'm looking for low to mid tier power levels and players who are looking to create an immersive, fun team environment. The team more or less leans towards straightforward ...
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Superteam Information and Recruitment

The New United Sentinels of America (USofA) are recruiting!

United Sentinels of AmericaWebsite: So what are we about? We're the "good guys", the "white hats" who always come to the rescue. Think along the lines of gold and silver age type costumes with modern ideals. "Tr...
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Superteam Information and Recruitment

UNTIL themed groups

I'm re-posting this under the supergroups section, as it is probably a better spot for it!I'm looking to locate any and all UNTIL themed or affiliated groups that are still active in the game. I am part of two, Project Hecate (The enforcement part...
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Superteam Information and Recruitment

Project 'On Call' ( Avengers meets Heroes For Hire inspired RPSG)

Since the thread prior I've plenty of positive feedback, I think I'll move forward with it.The SG is called Project "On Call"Basically it's running my own SG that practically runs itself. Yes it will be an RPSG but the idea of it is that it will b...
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Superteam Information and Recruitment

New Mutans/X-Force

Hello students, If you are receiving this e-mail, then you have been chosen for an important role. At Ravenswood Academy you attend because you are the best, well today you have been chosen because you are the best of the best. An advance...
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