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Champions Online Discussion

[Pinned] CORP Championship! (If CORP had a fighting game)

I know I have, but has anyone else considered what it would be like if your own characters had their own fighting games? Post your character's fighting moves, their quotes and their stages. You can have heroes and villains! Below is a template tha...
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Champions Online Discussion

[Pinned] Global@Championsonline!

Yay! The game is here! Lt's all post our global names in this thread so we may easily find each other! I will be doing so in list format so it's easier to be read. Now available in alphabetical order and bold font! Batteries are still not included...
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Champions Online Discussion

[Pinned] So...can someone breakdown these new changes in Champs?

Just checked in on the Champs website while SWTOR is going through the big 1.2 patch. Been thinking about coming back part-time...mainly a couple hours on the weekends. I see they've changed all kinds of stuff though, and I'm kind of concerned wha...
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Champions Online Discussion

[Pinned] Please Read: The Forest of Fail Act - Fight For Your Community

As we hit the 100+ member mark in this community (in less than three weeks, might I add), it's become apparent that the role-playing community in Champions Online is not only strong in numbers but in support. We feel very united in something we al...
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Champions Online Discussion

[Pinned] In-Game Channels (Updated 10/28/09)

Here's a list of appropriate channels in-game (/channel_join):CORP Moderated Channels: CORP to chat OOCly with other roleplayers Volcano for CORP Memebers only. - Currently Down Non-CORP Channels: Champions RP to chat ICly with other roleplayers...
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Champions Online Discussion

[Pinned] The Forest of Fail - Fail Faeries Can Be Found Here!

The Forest of Fail Act - READ ME FIRST PLEASEWelcome to the Forest of Fail where you'll find Fail Faeries of many sort. Be aware of these Fail Faeries, they may not be the kind you'd want to trade or group with!Faerie Failboy Negramancer@BeartramS...
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Champions Online Discussion

A blast from the past

Miss you Bult and Minty.
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Champions Online Discussion

Picture of Drax

Vincentius Matthew art.
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Champions Online Discussion

Active RP SG or Community?

Hello. I'm looking for an active RP SG or Community to get involved with. Is there one around? Most SG recruitment posts look old or out of date. Is the RP community still active? Any pointers on how to get involved would be great. Thank you.
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Champions Online Discussion

CO-Comics Presents: AWAKENING (an epilogue to the Nightmare Invasion)

* * * * ** * * * ** * * * ** * * * ** * * * ** * * * * Producer: not1stepbackwardsLore Consultant: Lord LiadenBased on the concept of: RazamaSpecial thanks to: Pariba, sersaywastaken, RubyAmethyst, d-pool, CO's Dev Team
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Champions Online Discussion

Get your free Foxbat Summon device on April Fool's

In the middle of Ren Cen, at the "swag shop" Foxbot vendor, there is a Foxbat Summon device for 0 tokens. I think it's a 1 day thing, not sure, please remember to get it for your toons with a Foxbat-theme.
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Champions Online Discussion

What's the best way to fight hard bosses?

OKAY! I'm using Radiant right now, but I've only had minor difficulties fighting certain villains here and there. I wanted to now what's the best way to approach Kevin Poe and other bosses like him?
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Champions Online Discussion

Champions Online: WINTER MOD

Champions OnlineWinter OverhaulBETA Version 4.0Hullo, and season's greetings, happy holidays, and all that fun jazz!From the maker of the finest (and seemingly only) Champions Online Machinima...( Bronx | The Owl | Brogan )...comes a modification...
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Champions Online Discussion

Brace Yourselves, the Winter Event is Coming

Lots of things returning, with interesting improvements, along with some new stuff, including but not limited to:+ Winter Event with new stuff at the event vendor, mostly costume pieces+ Even more costumes and auras in a Winter-themed lockbox+ Aut...
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Champions Online Discussion

Blood Moon: Takofanes's Throne for 700 event tokens

Criswolf mentioned this, so I checked it out, just took screencaps to save you a trip to PTS:Now, some important notes:- it comes, separately, in a Vehicle form and a Travel Power form, each worth 700 tokens- the Travel Power does NOT let you use ...
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Champions Online Discussion

Blood Moon: Earn Cursed AT, Cardboard Armor & Halloween Sets

Quick note, I forgot to mention this, but this is to save your pennies. I was just looking at the Public Test Server.This year's Blood Moon, lots of little Unlocks for event tokens (called Turakian Coins, as before) you'll earn in-game.For those t...
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Champions Online Discussion

The new Shadow of DESTRuction content: Now Live!

Previously, there was the Nightmare Invasion, where the Qliphothic realm spilled onto Earth.Now, the next chapter is being prepared, Shadow of Destruction. HYPE.Hint - the above base is NOT the one used by heroes or UNTIL. It's someone else's.Hi...
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Champions Online Discussion

Issues logging in a silver character on a gold account.

Hello folks.I was wondering if anyone had come across this issue before and knows of a work around:I created my first character on my new account (Arkanna) while it was still a gold account. Now that I'm a gold account, the play button for Arkanna...
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About That Song...

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Champions Online Discussion

CO, STO, NW servers down (Aug. 22), but all is fixed now

Nobody panic, nobody uninstall the game or anything...yet.It's a known issue and Cryptic is looking into it.In the meantime let's talk on CORP!
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