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RP and Misc. Guides

[Pinned] CORP Discord server and how to join!

Thaaat's right! We got a Discord now! Now, in case you don't know, Discord is an app/program that functions like Ventrillo, but is free like Skype! Anyone can make a server, and manage it. It's super easy. So, since we don't have a voice server ...
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RP and Misc. Guides

[Pinned] The Mystic World and You

This little COMPENDIUM of information is not to restrict you or your characters, but an attempt to try and preserve what makes The Mystic World so interesting, it’s y’know. Mysticalness and secrets.This can definitely help with mystical characters...
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RP and Misc. Guides

[Pinned] Formatting your bio

I said I would put this on the forums for everyone and no one, NO ONE!!!!, can say i'm a liarBIG NOTE HERE: this isn't my template. someone I forget gave it to me. Also FYI LONG runon sentences with no spaces or weblinks will break your bio when o...
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RP and Misc. Guides

[Pinned] So you want to join an event?

A successor to my last guide, this one will give you some small tips on how to join an event, and what to expect/how to behave in one. Many people host events, and, if you're looking for your action and superhero fixes, this is usually the best pl...
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RP and Misc. Guides

[Pinned] So you wanna host an event.

I feel a lot of people don't know how to throw an event, or are worried that they will be a terrible GM. So I've decided to make a list of tips for being a better GM, and getting started with it. Feel free to add some opinions or more tips, This l...
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RP and Misc. Guides

[Pinned] Rex's Writing Tips: Introduction and Table of Contents

This is a series I started writing for a super group that I'm no longer a member of. I'm going to post a few of the articles here to gauge response and see it's something I should continue with. Before I begin, however, I thought it best to provid...
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RP and Misc. Guides

[Pinned] Connecting to the CO/STO Chat System Using Pidgin

I haven't seen these posted anywhere here at CORP, so I figure I would post some instructions for setting up Pidgin to connect to the Cryptic chat system. It's a great tool for out of game access and chat logging.These are the steps I follow to co...
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[Pinned] How to join CORP
RP and Misc. Guides

[Pinned] How to join CORP

Three steps:1. Go to the Forum Feedback Section. 2. Read the CORP Code of Conduct and the Champions RP rules forum posts. 3. Do what is suggested by them.Mashed Potatoes
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RP and Misc. Guides

[Pinned] Tips on being a better RPer

This isn't so much as a guide, but it contains some information that I've picked up while RPing in City of Heroes and Champions Online. Keep in mind, this is from my own perspective and I hope it helps others become better RPers. Important Aspect...
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RP and Misc. Guides

Splain this: 6th ed Hero Systems GMing for RP events

I was looking around Roll20 recently and found out that Roll20 has only the 6th ed stuff for PnP material and was wondering if anyone has ever used this since i have no clue how it works. Now the reason why I'm currently thinking about making a SG...
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RP and Misc. Guides

[REQUEST] Costume Mockups and Palette Guide

It's a right pain to find the actual palettes used for NPC factions such as UNTIL, PRIMUS and such on the official forums. Has anyone bothered to try to recreate the costumes used by NPC factions? If so, would they be willing to share these?
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RP and Misc. Guides

The Science of Supers: Artificial Intelligence

"Success in creating AI would be the biggest event in human history. Unfortunately, it might also be the last." - Stephen Hawking, May 2014We are, ALL of us, already experts on Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) from watching the Terminator and Matri...
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RP and Misc. Guides


Hey, guys, I have an idea for an ongoing RP event kind of thing based on a story I'm writing and I like to get some advice on how to best adapt it to an MMO storytelling format. Any ideas? Also, what would be some good ways to get people partici...
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RP and Misc. Guides

An article about Playing As and With female characters or players

I found this article while looking for tips on how to better play one of my female characters. If the link doesn't work, please message me and let me know.This was primarily written for tabletop games, but I think that the principles are the same...
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RP and Misc. Guides

Playing Character Stories

This is something I've actually been wondering for a long time, really. I've been trying to figure out a way to advance stories that I've come up with for my characters in game, especially in a way that other players can take part in and enjoy as...
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RP and Misc. Guides

The Science of Supers: Cloning, DNA, Genetic Engineering

Champions Online is about to introduce the latest content, Teleios Ascendant, and it's been almost 20 years since Dolly the Sheep, the first successful human-cloned animal, was "born". This is a good time to think about cloning.As with previous S...
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RP and Misc. Guides

Tips for Starting a Champions Campaign

This showed up on my feed this morning and I wanted to share it with you, especially the third post in the thread. It contains some good tips for roping in players and keeping them engaged. It's written from a table top perspective, but can easily...
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RP and Misc. Guides

Game Help - Off-Game Chat, Keybinds, Formatting & More

I've been writing a lot of tutorials for the SG that I'm a member of. It's accumulated over time to a nice one-stop tutorial shop that can help with just about anything in CO.The Silver Age Sentinels' Game Help forum is open to anyone to view.With...
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RP and Misc. Guides

The Science of Supers: Comicbook Physics

Unless we are talking about speedsters running close to the speed of light, all comic book physics can be analyzed using Newtonian physics. Thats the Physics you learned in highschool.
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RP and Misc. Guides

Costume tutorial: Hijab

(Since the new official forums are simply unworkable for me, I'ma post this here for now)The hijab is a common Islamic garment for women designed to cover the head and neck, leaving the face exposed. It is often referred to as a headscarf, as it d...
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