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Champions Lore

[Pinned] Player Made Heroes, Villians & Organizations

This is for NPC heroes and villains. Names that one may have heard in passing, on the news, in someones backstory, or is now deceased. Please use the following skeletons and they will be added to the main list.HERO/VILLAINNAMETrue Identity:Gende...
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Champions Lore

[Pinned] CO Lore Primer (Updated 3/19/17)

Go here:
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Champions Lore

[Pinned] Player Made Places & Things

Landmarks, cities, bases - post it all here using the following skeleton.NAMELocation:Brief Description:Remember to keep it BRIEF! Just a few lines, please.
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Champions Lore

[Pinned] The Champions Lore Links

So, the CORP forums has a whole heap of threads about the Champions lore, posted by helpful folks out to give a hand to fellow RPers. But, alas, like any forum, these threads often get lost to the passages of time. So! This thread is designed to b...
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Champions Lore

[Pinned] Official Heroes, Villians & Organizations

A list of official heroes, villians & organizations in the Champions Universe. (source)AACI: Advanced Concepts Industries, one of the largest corporations in the world, run by unscrupulous businessman Franklin Stone. All-American, the: Patrio...
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Champions Lore

[Pinned] Official Places & Things

A list of places in the Champions Universe. (source)---Agharti: A city of evil martial arts masters and teachers located several miles below Mt. Everest. Arcadia: The secret city of the Empyreans, located in Antarctica. Atlantis: The fabled under...
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Champions Lore

Thaar Info?

Hi there!Was wondering if anyone could provide information on the Thaar? Can they crossbreed with humans? Are mutations possible?
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Champions Lore


I often see CO players who have or want to create PCs connected to PRIMUS, but have unclear or mistaken notions of how PRIMUS actually functions, what its authority is, and what agents of PRIMUS do. To be fair to them, the information they may hav...
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Champions Lore

Is there an actual Black & White/Greyscale Champions universe? Not Hudson City

On April 1st, CO did an April Fool's with a Black & White filter, creating Champions Online: Noir. And it was awesome.Which leads me to ask, is there an actual monotone setting? One stuck around the '20s to '50s like how Batman the Animated ...
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Champions Lore

Happy FoxbatCon! And I've gained new perspective into Foxbat recently

Hi heroes, happy FoxbatCon! I just happened to talk to a Champions tabletop player and GM in-game about Foxbat last week. In the course of the conversation, I finally found something that makes this nonsensical character make sense to me. We've...
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Champions Lore

Being Empyrean

Those of you who have perused the Champions Universe: Unique Character Origins thread have probably seen the entry for the Empyreans, immortal superhuman cousins of humanity who have coexisted with them on Champions Earth for hundreds of millennia...
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Champions Lore

Institute for Human Advancement

Thanks to the popularity of Marvel Comics' X-Men series, and the movies and television shows spawned from them, many players of CO and other supers RPGs want to play superheroes with a "mutant" background. Marvel has long used mutants as a metapho...
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Champions Lore

The Cold War

What was the superhero situation like during the Cold War? Did Soviet and American heroes clash at points I'm asking because I have a character idea that directly relates to that era. Specifically the 60s.
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Champions Lore

Turakian Age?

So, ol' Taco-face hails from the "Turakian Age." I know the Atlantean Age had a Hellenistic air, care of previous discussions, but.. what was the deal here? More Conan-inspired Hyborian Age style? Just curious in general about the era, culture, etc.
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Champions Lore


So, I'm edging back into Champions a bit, with a new character - specifically, "Wildestarr", who owes a huge amount of her look to the Galaxy Rangers - though the concept's older than my knowledge of that show, and was poked at in a PnP Mutants &a...
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Champions Lore

The Horror of the Post-2020 Champions Universe?

Citing precedent, as per the outline of future events in the original official Champions Universe time line described in Galactic Champions, even after the crisis that will block the flow of magic on Earth in 2020, it will take two more years for ...
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Champions Lore

Champions Old West Vampire Problem?

Liaden, you alluded to this on the official forums - so I brought the question here as I suspect the lovely jackboots running them still have me shadow-banned for not letting them spread lies unchallenged.Old west Champions had a vampire issue? An...
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Champions Lore

Jack Fool

I'm trying to remember where it was posted, but I recall seeing it mentioned in a lore discussion that everyone favorite 'block or die!' Jester was actually once a hero, and is enslaved by DEMON?I'm toying with a future concept and it might tie i...
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Champions Lore

Meteor Man, Kelvarite, etc.

So, while I've read the entry on the third Meteor Man in Champions Universe, about Gazelle in Champions Worldwide, and perused the various threads posted about Kelvarite and exposure to it, is there any chance for more details on the exploits of s...
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Champions Lore

Supertech on Champions Earth (revised)

Much of our discussions of Champions lore have focused on the magical side of the setting. Since so much of the game's content of late has dealt with that, it's perhaps understandable. But the setting has a very extensive scientific side, so I wan...
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