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Champions Lore

[Pinned] Player Made Heroes, Villians & Organizations

This is for NPC heroes and villains. Names that one may have heard in passing, on the news, in someones backstory, or is now deceased. Please use the following skeletons and they will be added to the main list.HERO/VILLAINNAMETrue Identity:Gende...
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Champions Lore

[Pinned] CO Lore Primer (Updated 3/19/17)

Go here:
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Champions Lore

[Pinned] Player Made Places & Things

Landmarks, cities, bases - post it all here using the following skeleton.NAMELocation:Brief Description:Remember to keep it BRIEF! Just a few lines, please.
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Champions Lore

[Pinned] The Champions Lore Links

So, the CORP forums has a whole heap of threads about the Champions lore, posted by helpful folks out to give a hand to fellow RPers. But, alas, like any forum, these threads often get lost to the passages of time. So! This thread is designed to b...
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Champions Lore

[Pinned] Official Heroes, Villians & Organizations

A list of official heroes, villians & organizations in the Champions Universe. (source)AACI: Advanced Concepts Industries, one of the largest corporations in the world, run by unscrupulous businessman Franklin Stone. All-American, the: Patrio...
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Champions Lore

[Pinned] Official Places & Things

A list of places in the Champions Universe. (source)---Agharti: A city of evil martial arts masters and teachers located several miles below Mt. Everest. Arcadia: The secret city of the Empyreans, located in Antarctica. Atlantis: The fabled under...
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Champions Lore

Supertech on Champions Earth (revised)

Much of our discussions of Champions lore have focused on the magical side of the setting. Since so much of the game's content of late has dealt with that, it's perhaps understandable. But the setting has a very extensive scientific side, so I wan...
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Champions Lore

Takofanes' Emergence in 1987

First modern appearance of Takofanes in Oklahoma. He raises an undead army and marches for the east coast, but is stopped by superheroes in Kentucky. Several heroes are killed in the process. Okay, consider this provincialism on my part Liaden, bu...
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Champions Lore

Hudson City

I'm getting up to speed on some Champions lore which isn't in the game (I've never played the PnP version), and was wondering what of any chance there is that we will ever see Hudson City as a playable map. One of my favorite things about CO is W...
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Champions Lore

Triple-A Act "sentience" test or interview?

Hi, returning to a topic last discussed like 3 years ago ( ) which lead to a short comic ( ), largely because o...
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Champions Lore

UNTIL Information?

I’m currently playing a character who hails from Guamanga, and is now a member of UNTIL and Project Mind Games, and I was curious as to what information champs lore has on the various possible departments (excluding special projects) or activities...
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Champions Lore

Anthropomorphic Animal Characters in the Champions Universe

There are quite a few PCs in Champions Online who resemble a humanoid with some characteristics of various animals. It recently occurred to me from what I've read and heard from players over the years, that most of these are some type of Manimal f...
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Champions Lore

Millennium City 8 (i.e. auxiliary/substitute Champions)

I heard there were a bunch of Junior Champions to understudy the actual Champions, since they're getting up there in age. Is this true please? Succession planning IS a thing in management, so I can see Defender/James Harmon consciously taking a ...
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Champions Lore

League of Assassins and the Hand: Champions Analogues

The two comic-book villain organizations in the title of this thread have been rather prominently featured in other entertainment media over recent years. DC's League of Assassins has been a major element of the CW television series based on those...
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Champions Lore

Kitsunes or Chimeras?

So I have this concept for a character with an inhuman natural appearance, but one with shapeshifting or illusion powers so as to appear human when desired. I've been thinking along the lines of a kitsune, or some kind of humanoid chimera (in the...
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Champions Lore

Playing an undead in the Champions world

Those who have followed lore discussions here on the forums have probably heard references to the assertion in the Champions PnP book, Stronghold, that the undead do not enjoy the protection of "civil rights" in the United States as defined and gu...
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Champions Lore

Magical languages

Just moved, haven't unpacked my stuff yet, so I don't have access to Mystic World right now. So, until I can dig it out, please remind me what, if anything, CO lore says about known magical languages--i.e., languages used for arcane rituals and t...
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Champions Lore

Looking for Radion's info for a friend

Hi, got a question, a real good one, for an old friend. He's a Costume Contest veteran and host. His query:What can you tell us about Radion (a la Blood Moon, before he was a zombie) if we want to make Radion II please?We know the original died ...
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Champions Lore

Champions Universe: Unique Character Origins

The Champions Universe, being inspired by the major mainstream comics companies, embraces the full range of classic super character origins you see in those comics: mutagenic accidents, genetic mutation, radical scientific inventions, mystic marti...
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Champions Lore


I may have asked about this years back, and if so I apologize...Are the Irradiates a strictly CO-type thing? If not, is there any great amount of information available on them as a group?
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