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Post about the most recent activities that has happened with your characters.
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Roleplay & Stories

[Pinned] In-Character Chatroom

As per request, I've added an in-character chatroom for those of who prefer to chat RP than post-by-post. Please abide by the forum rules.Click here to join!Thanks!CORP Staff
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Roleplay & Stories

[Pinned] Roleplay Rules & Guidelines [Please Read]

General rules apply here. • READ EVERY POST BEFORE YOU POST!• Please keep O.O.C. to a minimum and only when it's necessary. • Avoid hi-jacking threads and making drastic changes to a scenario to the extent of god-modding. • Keep in-character confl...
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Roleplay & Stories

Snookums' Scribblings

Just a bit I had written about a little RP snip that happened one afternoon at random. I do like to keep track of how my guys react to stuff Off-screen. Makes it easier to get back into their perspective. :)-*-"Free to good Home"Looking back on it...
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Roleplay & Stories

Warriors of Mettle Part 1: So you think you're lonely (links)

Hi this is SoulStar speaking. As a part of our celebration for the 4th up and running year of Project On Call we have started up a near year long build up of our next big multi part event. Going to drop two links here;The first is a summary of ev...
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Roleplay & Stories

Terrifying Tales From Beyond the Grave! - #1: 'A Girl's Gotta Eat."

Catalina sobbed quietly as the pale stranger leered at her with undisguised hunger. In desperation, the young immigrant had agreed to be sent to Vibora Bay in the hopes of a better life, but when the crate she had been shipped in was opened she fo...
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Roleplay & Stories


Author’s Note: Okay, this really warrants a warning label, and an explanation.This is written for my accountant, an old college mate. He’s Dark Prowler’s player, but he also played a dumb brick in Champions (100 STR!) named Super Fortress. He does...
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Roleplay & Stories

Father and Son

Prologue:“Help, Hitler!” Zorasto had cried. It was an insane scheme, baroque and beyond fixing. Time travel back to 1938. Arranging it so superpowers only affected the worst of humanity. A world of Super-Hitlers and ultra-storm troopers. The plane...
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Roleplay & Stories

The Rival

And that’s when I punch Red Fury in the face.Red laughs, wiping his bloody lip on his suit, and smiles. With a casual flex, the Chicago hero’s monkey suit comes ripping off, revealing what the local press calls his “billion-dollar physique”. The t...
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Roleplay & Stories


Author’s Note: Boys (Lesson One) is by Jars of Clay, Yes, I’m that uncool. It’s a great song though.*******And so passed the years of might have been.“Dream, Carsons, dream.” the angel commanded, and a father and his son tossed in twin slumbers, ...
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Roleplay & Stories

The Big One

Had a busy Father's Day, so this is a day later than I originally intended. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------StarboundMy favorite bookshelf in the...
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Roleplay & Stories

Tales of Blood and Thundrax

A link to my Thundrax fiction, collected. Nothing much that is new, but it's in one place now. Please let me know if you can't view.
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Roleplay & Stories

Target On Sight!

"In a stormy night, with rain tumbling down with a chance of thunder to strike at New Hampshire.A fight broke out, in a dark alley way. Two young meta's in their late teens were being hunted down by someone or something.""Wristwatch, a chronokinet...
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Roleplay & Stories

The Price of Perfection summary

The summary for The Price of Perfection found here
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Roleplay & Stories

War of the Dimensions II: This Time It's Canadian!

Author’s Note: For years I’ve been trying to write two Thundrax stories. The definitive story on Justiciar and Thundrax’s friendship is one of them. This is the closest I’ve come, but I’m still not there.--------------------------The Ironberg. Sta...
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Roleplay & Stories

We Shall Become Perfect Summary

Summary of the event right here
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Roleplay & Stories

Off the Wall

The villain of the piece is a Pallas creation. I figured the Cryptic illo deserved a short story, so this is it.-----------------------And when I awoke – I guess I was sleeping – I was on the Great Wall of China.How do I recognize it? And who the ...
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Roleplay & Stories

Wrath of the North

More fiction. Purge is the creation of @Reldin .Warning: Some not nice language. A stream of conscientiousness experiment. Inspired by the art I commissioned recently.___________________My town.I’d walk into fire for you, Vancouver. And today, I’m...
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Roleplay & Stories

Bronze Heart:Prelude to the Warriors of Mettle

Bronze Heart summary here
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Roleplay & Stories

War of the Dimensions

Written for the the anniversary of my supergroup in Champions Online, a Champions/Mutants and Masterminds crossover! "The Parable of the Old Man and the Young" (the quoted poem) is by Wilfred Owen.-------He was given to soliloquy, that one. Monolo...
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Roleplay & Stories

Farsight: Out of Sight, Never Out of Mind

It is easy to feel small in a world teeming with over seven and a half million minds.Easier still when that world is also home to giants.June felt alone. She sat in a plain wooden chair in a thoroughly ordinary room. The biggest battle she would e...
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