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[Pinned] Brainstorm Guidelines [Please Read]

Please remain constructive when it comes to criticism. Remember to respect and differentiate out-of-character knowledge and in-character knowledge. Just because a player is sharing his ideas with you, that doesn't necessarily mean the information ...
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Mutant Thalphon Gladiator

He is a mutant and a Thalphon which one of my one alien races I am creating for the Champions RPG. I have thought about Thalphons being a race of reptilian alien. The problem is that I if I could do him right in Champions Online he would like all ...
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Blaxploitation hero

This is something that's left field for me. While messing around with the creation in game, I had an idea for a character concept. But I'm not entirely sure how if others would be comfortable with the idea. Here is an image to go with it: The i...
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Cyborg Gunslinger

I would like some help in setting up the history for my cyborg gunslinger.The concept for this character is that this character is a cyborg gunslinger from the year 2080 A.D. In the year 2080 A.D. the setting he is from is a post-apocalypse. The...
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Zhuyin/Celestial Dragon Inspired Character?

Happy Holidays All!I was coming back to the game after a brief hiatus due to finals, and was thinking a great way to jump back in would be to create a new character~ I was reading over the Zhuyin loyal sidekick from the C Store, and was curious as...
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Ex Military man, character idea.

So, I had this idea for a first character.The idea being he an ex-military who notice his super ability later in his life doing his first action and once he did he was forced to retire and become a superhero yet he chose to become an anti-hero. (I...
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Origin From "Lovecraftian" Entity

One of our community's members, @Vastarus, recently expressed concern in the Shoutbox about the limits of her(?) current lore knowledge impacting how much role-playing responsibility she should take on. I sent her a Private Message offering assist...
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Alley Cat-Vigilante and P.I

I recently posted a build help request thread detailing the character, but now I come here concerning a few questions about the vigilante side of Champions to help shape up this character.Alley Cat is intended to be a slight homage to Heroes for H...
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Vesta~114686Small Lord Liaden 4y

Android Character Help

Hey guys, i need some help with a character i am working on. He/it is an android that can mimic superpowers and abilities of superhumans, sort of like Amazo or the Super Adaptoid. But i am working on giving the character some limitations and a uni...
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Powered from a Djinn? Janissary Concept (?)

While hopping about MC, I started a conversation on CORP concerning the creating of a brick character, inspired a bit by Superman/Superboy, who hails from the Arabian Peninsula. He would be a millennial, but have the vibe of a classic superhero, ...
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Malvan Gladiator

Hey, guys. So I have always been interested in the Malvan Gladiator characters. Like Ironclad and Firewing. I have been thinking of coming up with a character that also had to fight in the arena and ended up on Earth. But I don’t know much about t...
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Inspiration for characters

Lately i have been trying to find something to give me a source of inspiration and i am wondering weather the champions pnp books would have anything, like....example characters or ideas or something, suggestions or guidance would be greatly appre...
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Maya Versus ? - Plot

I have an idea of a long-term rivalry plot RP-PVP with a villain type. Maya being an amazon champion and currently doing UNTIL contracts against someone who is not only dangerous in close-quarters combat or expert in assassination/torture, but un...
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RP SG Brainstorming thread

HelloSo, there seems to be some intrest in an RP SG project that I first brought up here. So, this thread is meant to be used to brainstorm it into reality. :)First of all, let me put forth my intentions. My hope was/is to get together a core grou...
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Coruscations of Power Exposure?

Hey~I was reading up on the Unique Origins and while reading about the Coruscations of Power section-I came upon the part that mentioned the heroine Victory.Since it wasn't mentioned and I was curious I wonder if you knew how exactly she was expos...
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The Gasin Gods and The Ban

So I've been thinking of trying to start using a character of mine again who's heavily steeped in Korean mythos. This means working on "his" antagonist, a group of cultists who worship an antagonist Gasin Goddess. This led me to a certain brick wa...
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[Planning] COMPASS: Wheelman's new direction

A bit of a preamble, so bear with me. I wasn't going to post anything about this until I had posted the story for it in the Stories from the Aftermath thread, but since the story before that in my queue is giving me a little trouble in the lexical...
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Mandarian Character

Aside from the information provided on the Champions Wikia, is there any info anyone can provide on the Mandaarian species and their likelihood to produce a superhero or the scope of their telepathic powers?
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Vesta~21083Small Lord Liaden 5y

Atlantean/Half Atlantean/Artifacts

Hey! I was reading over your info section on Atlanteans and got slightly intrigued. I was mainly left curious about the abilities a general Atlanteans physiology offers and the various magical mutations that can develop, how common they can be, an...
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Engine troubles!

Consider this post a hastily prepared summoning ritual for our Lore Lord, for this is a character concept that's been a bit tough to finalize and I'd like some clarification/further ideas on how to make it work. After spending one time with a frie...
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