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[Pinned] The "I need invites to the in-game channels!" thread!

Greetings everyone!This thread is for those looking to receive an invite to the CORP and Champions RP channels in-game.PLEASE NOTE! For those trying to get a CRP invite, please contact a moderator in-game. Do not post here if you only need a Champ...
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[Pinned] CORP Code of Conduct

CORP CODE OF CONDUCTIn recent times, it's become apparent that alot of the things that we thought could be left unsaid, well, can't be left as such any longer. By participating on the Website and the channels in-game, you've bound yourself to this...
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[Pinned] Champions RP: Rules, Policies and Other Things to Know

First things first, if you don’t know what Champions RP is yet, it is an in-character channel for the game. (This is a work in progress and may be subject to change overtime. The lore may have been altered with a bit to adjust to how the channel...
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[Pinned] List of CORP Community Organizers

The following is a list of current community organizers for CORP:@swedsman @Bluesmun @Realsorceror @Nefandus @Tenthyr @Doctor_AwesomeFor more information on community organizers or to sign up, please see this thread. These people will usually be a...
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[Pinned] List of active CORP moderators

Here is a list of currently active moderators for the CORP community both in and out of game:LIST OF ACTIVE MODERATORS FOR CORP, CHAMPIONS RP and CO BUILDS @Capslockrage (Admin) @Astrosimi @TurboRaptor Inactive moderators @Reldin @leetsepeak @theq...
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[Pinned] New List of In-Game Channels

Here's a list of appropriate channels in-game (/channel_join "channelname"):CORP Moderated Channels: CORP: to chat OOCly with other roleplayers Champions RP: to chat ICly with other roleplayers over a hero comm. CO Builds: a channel dedicated f...
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[Pinned] Forum Rules and Guidelines [Read first!] Updated 08/20/09

General RulesCommon sense applies here. Flaming and trolling will not be tolerated. Please refrain from posting meaningless threads, one word (or short) non-sense posts, or the such. Vulgarity is only allowed within a context of a story or in-ch...
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As they say, "everything in moderation".

Just asking as a friendly question at this point, but I am making a consideration. Just as a heads up.Is recruitment for Moderators and CRP operators still going on? If it is, who should prospective applicants be sending their info (including answ...
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CORP Feedback 2016

A bit belated now we're fast approaching April, but I think it's time to open this continued discussion up again.Where do you think CORP is right now? What's good, what's needing to be improved? Just keep in mind if you're going to be posting in t...
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CORP Feedback 2015

CORP is a small but neat little community. It isn't perfect but, lately, its been active again with events, spurts in roleplay and becoming a little more active lately. Like with every group, though, maybe there can be some improvements. Maybe the...
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PRIMUS Database 2014 Questionnaire

With the recent goings on related to the Page of the Month and the current misconceptions going on about the Wiki, I took it upon myself to write up a few questions in the aim of getting feedback from the game community.You can look at the survey ...
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RP character questions within brace yourself.

I have a certain char that I am not sure is right for CO role play in general. I explain it all in her history but I thought I would ask here to see if anyone here would perhaps offer advice or say it seems fine etc. Anyway to the point this chara...
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Forum signature discussions

Forum signatures are a nice handy thing to have! They might have awesome images, funny gifs, links to PRIMUS or other places... list could go on. To be honest, though, there are some sigs that just take up way too much vertical space (espeically w...
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Chat Channels Revisited?

#9482841 Thundrax wrote:I have to admit I left CRP some time ago and I'm not going back. Too many enormously trivial conversations and rude personalities that I really have no interest in dealing with. I just joined the CORP and CRP channels a fe...
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What's going on with our Ventrilo these days?

I don't profess to go on Vent all that often despite the fact I have a (decently?) working headset now. Even so, I can't help but notice that ominous orange text stating that there's no link to the server host. It's the second time this month that...
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Updated Code of Conduct: What do you think is necessary?

So in light of recent considerations, the Staff has been discussing an overhaul of the Code of Conduct to streamline the moderating process and to help make sure everyone is absolutely aware of. What they can and cannot do. I'm gonna lay out the b...
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CORP! We need YOU!

CORP! You've spoken and we're listening. Recent discussion of shortcomings of CORP (lack of contact with support staff, need for more day to day activity, need for more inclusiveness) have prompted the moderation staff to create a new position in ...
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Improving the coexistence between the divergent visions of what CRP is about.

We all have our own idea of what CRP is about, our own interpretation of its rules and lore. What seems perfectly legit to one can be considered to be out of place by another. We don't all have the same expectations, some would like a more believa...
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CORPfest Post-Mortem

So, from my vantage point as one of the judges and coordinators of CORPfest, it was a success. People showed up with some great costumes, had some fun RPing, had some fun winning prizes, and that stuff was very good. I don't think I need to delve...
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is the PDB down? because...

is the PDB down? cause whenever i try to connect to it i get this error message: The connection has timed outThe server at is taking too long to respond.The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy...
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