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[Pinned] Steam, Xfire, Xbox 360 Tag, PSN I.D.

I noticed we didn't have one of these threads yet. So! Here it is, the Steam, 360 tags and PSN I.D.s thread. Now people can get a hold of each other and play other games together!Steam: Reldin360 tag: ReldinXfire: Reldin
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Reldin8243802Small SouthernNerd 6y
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[Pinned] The CORP Steam Group

If you haven't already known, CORP actually has a Steam group of its very own! After dusting off the group, it's ready to welcome CORPers once again. If you would like to join the Steam group, feel free to join here:
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Reldin11244Small Reldin 9y
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Announcement: Hero Games Community Content Program: Hall of Champions

Hey everyone,As frequenters of these forums include no few fans of the tabletop Champions game, I thought this announcement by Hero Games publisher Jason Walters might be of some interest.-----------------------------------------------------------...
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Lord Liaden21366Small Deathless Lord 2y
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Villains & Vigilantes For Nex-Gen Spandex, Baby

That's supposed to be one of these:?Serpentine. Anyhow.Villains and Vigilantes 3.0: The Mighty Protectors RPG on KickstarterSo I'm going to be honest and say I have never played the original V&V game which premiered back in '79. However, I am ...
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Leroyswish11284Small Leroyswish 5y
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Fast Mania

Did anyone else have a chance to try out Sonic Mania? Probably my favorite in series.
Small BlackKusanagi 5y
BlackKusanagi1844Small BlackKusanagi 5y
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A kickstarter old CORPer Dr. Comics. For fans of the FATE engine of PnP RPGs.
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Thundrax11075Small Thundrax 5y
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From Jason Tondro, occasional CO player and all around good guy.
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Thundrax1952Small Thundrax 5y
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Come to the strange world of Numenera, sequel to my choice for best RPG of all time.
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Thundrax1907Small Thundrax 5y
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Get in the car, losers! We're going to Canada! [Death Road to Canada Thread]

If you don't know what I am talking about, here you go. game is insanely fun and very hilarious... with Canada being the paradise free of the zombie apocalypse. With retro music, fantastic humor, crea...
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Angelight21313Small Lord Liaden 6y
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Champions 6E Write-Ups (PnP)

So...thought I'd toss this out there. I've started writing up my CO characters as Champions 6E characters. Thought maybe I'd share them here for anyone who was interested in giving them a once over, sharing their own, or critiquing the builds. ...
Small MantaMan 6y
MantaMan63721Small MantaMan 6y
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Strike Force support this. Aaron was a good friend and I get to write a story if the pledges reach $50,000, but more than this. I've seen enough of the manuscript to guarantee yo...
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Thundrax21500Small RexCelestis 6y
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Fallout 4 Character Creation Pictures (SPOILER FREE PLEASE)

Alright guys.The time is coming. For some, its already here.For others, its 24 more hours.But the time is nigh. Show off your character creation pictures and of your husband!
Small Angelight 6y
Angelight146349Small Meegatron 6y
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Old school gaming Villains & Vigilantes

If any of you ever played the older edition back in the day or maybe even picked up the newer edition of this game, the owners are in legal trouble over the trademark. I'm not one to normally promote this kind of thing but if you do care, go visit...
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Agent Canada01032Small Agent Canada 6y
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Champions Tabletop RP: Keeping the Dream Alive!

RPG.Net posted this article, this morning. It relates the story of the group behind the official Champions Table-top Tournaments. I had the pleasure of getting to the final round once, at GenCon in 2008. Since then, I've had the chance to get to k...
Small RexCelestis 6y
RexCelestis31629Small pallas001 6y
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Gone to the great warp pipe in the sky...

Nintendo has released a very direct (*cough*) press statement that Satoru Iwata, the CEO of the America branch, has passed away.
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Epelesker21209Small Angelight 7y
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No Fantasy is ever Final. [PS4 / Sony Conference @ E3] know at least one person that's going to be really happy about this.
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Epelesker73054Small Epelesker 7y
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Dragonball Xenoverse(Pics + Stories!)

Like, I know a few people play. So share your experiences and any pictures of your characters.For me, I was just getting help from my friend to get the Time Chasm crystals to unlock the other missions. Along the way, I learnt a new Super Attack --...
Small Angelight 7y
Angelight104515Small @Jarnefeldt 7y
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New DM LFG, D&D 5e, Lost Mine of Phandelver, 10-11 pm EST Start Times (See post for details)

After trying to find a group to play with regularly at my own play times without luck, I figured since I was new and since there are more people advertising to be players then there are DMs, I'll give it a shot.About the GameThe starting play time...
Member avatar small Spirit 7y
Spirit135254Member avatar small Spirit 7y
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Player (not GM) LFG for one-shot Mutants and Masterminds 3e game (CST, available weekends)

Hey all, I'm interested in breaking into the Mutants and Masterminds scene. Never played before, so I want to get a one-shot out of the way. Maybe it'll turn into something more ongoing?I'm in the CST time zone. I'd like to play on a weekend, but ...
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Argonaut0761Small Argonaut 7y
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A friend's kickstarter

Some of you here may know Doctor Comics. Well, he's unleashing some more of the foul creations of his heart in this rules-light supplement. I've seen much of the manuscript, it's good.
Small Thundrax 7y
Thundrax0863Small Thundrax 7y