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Character Ties

[Pinned] Character Ties Rules - READ BEFORE POSTING!

This category was made at the suggestion of RunRiot (Original Thread).You may post ads looking for someone to fill in or take over characters for your storylines.This is NOT a dating service. You may NOT post looking for girlfriends/boyfriends/wi...
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Character Ties

Millennium City University

There's a thread like this for Westside High, so I figured I'd put one up for the big league education center.Have a character that goes to the University? Post up some info here, be it student or staff!Pre-set Format: (not mandatory, but there fo...
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Character Ties

Rookie looking for 'Mentor' help.

So an oldie player, but new in RP here to attempt to connect.Currently, a certain 'newbie' hero has decided to join the fray. She's been searching around and asking, got a few hints from officers but... is just looking for actual 'personal help' t...
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Character Ties

Epelesker's Encyclopedia Of Characters In Need

Rather than posting each individual character in their own thread, I thought I'd make a catch-all of heroes in my roster that are in need of (or may benefit from) interactions with others. The thread will be updated when I think of more.If any of ...
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Character Ties

Looking for allies/villains to RP this character's solo adventures

Hey, everyone.I'm looking to actually roleplay this character's individual adventures as he strives to fight and solve crimes in Millennium City. While I've roleplayed with others in a group setting outside of the city (a la Justice League fashion...
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Character Ties

VILLAINS for your RP

Hello folks.As well as my hero characters, Arkanna and Arsenal, I happen to have a number of villains on offer. So if you need a villain for one of your events and one of these guys fits the bill, let me know.PAHROSH - "Flea" in HebrewPAHROSH firs...
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Character Ties

Looking for my Mentor / Caretaker / "Butler"

[Christian Troy concept art]To a Tony Stark type character (Christian Troy/Forge) This person can be a past hero/vigilante who took upon himself to raise Christian Troy after his parents death. Christian is now in his thirties, so you can probably...
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Character Ties

Master Thief needing contacts

First, I implore you to atleast glance this Then let me tell you my woes. Being new here, I have not many contacts at the moment. Playing a character based on stealing, and being foe and friend...
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Character Ties

Seeking Sidekick

Seeking an in game and in character sidekick role play. You may reply by sending me a message on this website or online in CO to @pennzephre. Thanks
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Character Ties

The "Circle" and the "Outsiders"

Having this on my mind for a while, since my characters are more mature / dark / vigilante-like. I'm sure it will fit with others who share similar characters.--------------The CircleA global crime organization known for an extremely popular (in t...
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Character Ties

A.M.P. - "Association of Mercenaries and Profiling"

I have been longing this idea for a while with "Combatier" and "Checkered Armor", so we'll cut to the chase.-Summary-A.M.P. (inspired by the video game series Jagged Alliance's "A.I.M." aka "Association of International Mercenaries") is pretty muc...
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Character Ties

'The Rookery'

After...OK, literally YEARS I've completed AmericAgent's PDB page (linkity link!), and I included a bit about a halfway house for orphaned/runaway super-teens within. I'll copy the relevant portions here:It was decided that, until the age of majo...
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Character Ties

Recruiting for the Sons of Sanctuary

So, I've decided to expand Blitzkrieger's origins and see if anyone else is interested in playing/creating fellow survivors of the now-destroyed city of Sanctuary. A brief history of the city and the alternate world that hosted it:Sanctuary was no...
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Character Ties

Looking for a younger Psionic to train

Currently my main Cassandra Elena The First is looking for a possible student to pass Psi-Honor down to. Off-handy.That is what the student will be taught.Extras: Each day(IC) will be taken with different and random stuff drop on them. There will ...
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Character Ties

Looking for an assistant

Hi there !My character Laviena (Civilian name : Lara Glassen and Hero code name : Night Cat) needs an assistant ! Okay, not just an assistant. Actually, as Lara Glassen, she is a lawyer. And she needs the help of an assistant. But, I want an assis...
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Character Ties

Search for a Friend

A rather odd request, but one nonetheless. While I don't necessarily have too much on my toon, Renee Cathal, she is one I feel really needs a defined roommate. Not one for dating and such, but more of a 'best friend' sort of deal. Guidelines in a ...
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Character Ties

Seeking An Heir

I am seeking an Heir/Protege/Student/Pupil/Sidekick for Warblade. I believe that since he has his nation he needs someone who can take over ruling one day should he fall.1. I need a hero who has recently gained their powers ,or just new to heroing...
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Character Ties

Searching for a Herald

This is rather crucial for a future storyline I will be working towards doing. I'm searching for one character that will become a Herald of sorts to my villain Furious Storm. Since FS tends to work behind the scenes, his herald will be the one ...
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Character Ties

Timeline of Events - Furious Storm

For those of you not familiar with Furious Storm: He is a villain character that I have been playing since 2008. He first began on City of Heroes/Villains and later a Champions Online version of the character was made. In Champions, Furious ...
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Character Ties

Seeking Lost Sibling/Creator Background NPC

Hiya.Okay, so for those that don't know, I'm currently playing a Super Robot as my RP character.To save time and explaination, go to here:, I've included a lot of t...
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