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In recent times, it's become apparent that alot of the things that we thought could be left unsaid, well, can't be left as such any longer. By participating on the Website and the channels in-game, you've bound yourself to this code of conduct. It has been created in the interest of making sure CORP is a nice and respectful place for all.

  • No Drama! If you've a grievance to air between you and a fellow member of the community, do not do so in CORP or any affiliated channels. It's selfish. The channel is not your personal playground for you to wage your own little mud-slinging wars on, it's a gathering place for everyone. Please show us respect and don't try to drag the whole channel into your squabbles. EDIT: This includes bringing in-character issues into the out of character channel. Mixing IC/OOC always ends bad. We all know it, so lets not do it.
  • ABSOLUTELY NO NAME-DROPPING! Out of respect for your fellow CORPers and those outside of CORP, there will be no more insulting or name-dropping of characters or persons in a derogatory manner. This includes ragging on Club Caprice or the Roleplayers that frequent it. CORP is an open RP community that welcomes all, and people that don't RP the way *you* like it are not inferior. It is NOT where you can come to point and laugh at people you perceive to be below you. Difference is not deficient, and it's getting very tiresome repeating that."
  • What this means: Demeaning others is beneath you. We understand if you don't like it, but disliking it does not necessitate insulting it. Doing so is disrespectful of fellow CORPers who may roleplay there in addition to the general RP population, who are all welcome in CORP. Do your part and don't contribute towards an environment where people don't feel welcome because their primary source of RP is being defecated upon by community members. We're better than that, people.The keyword here is insult. Nobody is saying you have to sing the praises of Club Caprice across the Earth. Simply that, If you've got nothing nice to say about it, say nothing at all.
  • Show some respect towards one another and your moderators! Do not flame or harass fellow members of the community. Talk to one another in a civil manner and *show respect.* If you have an issue with a fellow member of CORP, we urge you to please settle disputes, criticisms and other problems between the parties involved in private(unsolicited advice and critiques also fall into this category). The CORP channels and the CORP forums are not the place for these things. This goes for Moderators too. When we make a ruling, please show us *respect* and don't question it outside of the appropriate forum. The channel is not the place to debate rules, that's what the Feedback Forum is for.
  • Don't talk back! As stated above, when a Moderator makes a ruling on something going on in the channel, please follow their ruling to the letter. If you wish to question it, please send them a tell or post on the boards. Clogging up the channel with your complaints about policy will no longer be tolerated.
  • No racism/sexism/prejudice! Now, you'd figure this one'd be obvious, right? Well apparently not. We have a zero tolerance policy towards any of the above. We're a channel for all kinds of people of all beliefs, ethnicities, appreciations, etcetera. Don't demean yourself by demeaning them.
  • Report to Mods Don't be afraid to report to moderators if you are being harassed or find behavior that happens to be in violation of your comfort zone, more importantly behavior that can be found disruptive for other CORP members. We will help as best we can and depending on the severity of the report, will try to get it taken care of as soon as possible.
  • Removal from the CORP channel will result in lost privelege of using the RP channels. If you happen to be someone that the moderators need to ask to leave the OOC channel, you will not be allowed to participate in using the IC channels. The two go hand-in-hand with one another, since when you join the CORP community, you are able to join both channels. We ask everyone to comply with this and show respect for any decisions the moderators need to make in regards to removal of a member of the CORP community. Edit: Those who choose not to use the OOC channel ARE able to utilize the IC channel.

Those found in violation of the above will receive warnings, muting, temporary kicks and banning as appropriate. CORP, we've been through some good times and some bad, so lets have the former roll! We're here trying to provide the best environment possible for all of you, so please, help us do our jobs.

These rules are subject to change as necessary. We will keep an update log to reflect when these changes are made.

If you have any questions or concerns, please post them in this thread. Thank you for your cooperation.


The CORP Staff