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Champions RP: Rules and Policies

The following must be read and accepted in order to obtain an invitation to the CRP/IC channel. Updates are made regularily and can be viewed on this thread.

Things to know In-character

  • The official name for the hero channel is: "Champions Response & Protection"
  • In 2009 the CRP network was created by Azunai in an effort to help the Champions as well as many other metahumans to coordinate attacks against the Qulaar during the Qulaar invasion. Since the invasion, the channel has been turned into a social hub for other users, in case another invasion or other major disaster occurs, but most of all for heroes to help one another in dealing with crimes around the city and other parts of the world. Azunai usually doesn't take credit in development of the frequency.
  • The channel is moderated by UNTIL, PRIMUS, local authorities, and sometimes the Champions to keep an eye on some people who may have joined the channel and are considered to be possible threats such as the anti-hero, anti-villain and ex-villain types. Mention of illegal activities over the frequency is much the same as informing the police of their activities, and should they do so, law enforcement and channel Operators are obligated to remove a user's channel access while other punishment may be carried out such as apprehension.
  • Most users that wish to obtain a communication device may obtain one from UNTIL, PRIMUS, or the Millennium City Police Department (MCPD). The only possible way a user may obtain a device is through one of the mentioned affiliations. Users will not be able to find communication devices left unattended in gutters or other areas. Metahumans and other users are not required to be registered under the American Superhuman and Paranormal Registeration Act (ASPRA), though they are urged to register under the Act in an effort to help maintain security.
  • CRP Orientation. Individuals joining the CRP frequency are required to go through orientation when obtaining a new comm device. Each person will be explained the basics of a comm device (how to work the comm, how to turn it on/off, adjust volume, etc.), channel etiquette (individuals are told to be respectful of other users and to not get into arguments with others over the frequency), and finally the dos and don'ts (such as keeping certain techniques involving killing or torture under wraps and off the frequency, murder of other species and mystical creatures should not be discussed on the channel, debates over magic vs. science being kept at a minimum as both are viable options for individuals to use). An individual may not receive a comm device if they do not go through orientation. Orientation is done off-screen.

Where to get your Communicator:
  • Communicators are given by members of Law Enforcement agencies. They will not be found in Chinatown or sitting in a ditch.
  • As an addendum to point #1, special provisions can be made, but please contact one of the CRP Mods if this is the case. Since we'll be inviting you, we can figure it out right then and there.
  • There are different types of communication devices that a user may receive after speaking to either UNTIL personel or MCPD authorities.
    • A) The first type of device is generic ear piece that connects its user to the channel. This type of device is for those that don’t care about knowing who they might be talking to over the line, but also don’t want to hassle with any other piece of technology.
    • B) The second type of device is a wrist communicator/ear piece combo. The ear piece works just like how it’s supposed to, but the wrist device has an LCD display to show who is currently speaking over the channel.
    • C) The third type is for those that wear power armor that shows a HUD, but also others that are more robotic. The HUD is synched to the channel to be allowed access to see speech to text, but also able to see who is currently speaking.
    • D) A fourth type of communication device that has been introduced by Azunai may also be obtained. The new communication devices are the size of a microchip and are implanted behind a user's ear. This ensures maximum safety for the device as it is protected under the user's skin and is quite difficult to damage. It is also impervious against Electro-Magnetic Pulse weaponry, and has an increased range than older device models. When a hero decides to accept this form of device, implantation of the microchip is quick and painless. Special "injectors" scan the surface area of a user's skin and calculates the thickness that it needs to penetrate. Shortly after, the device essentially causes the microchip to "phase" through the skin so it may be properly equipped. Removal of the microchip is also quick and painless, should a user decide to have one uninstalled.

A user may choose to obtain any type of device they feel would be more comfortable. For a fee, they may also obtain more than one device after obtaining their initial device. However, devices are tied to a user's moniker and should another user borrow--or possibly have their device stolen, will report over the frequency under the registered user's name. Stolen devices will be tracked and access to the network will be revoked.

  • Noise Control. The R&P Channel is now instituting rules about noise pollution on the channel. All individuals who allow an abundance of excess noise over the channel such as weapons fire, music, or other disruptive sounds will be subject to moderation by the Channel's operators.
  • Impersonating Operators. If your name is NOT on the list of Moderators you may NOT roleplay an Operator of the CRP channel without the EXPLICIT permission of one of the Staff. Backseat moderating just leads to more trouble, folks.
  • Things to know for Villain characters. Villain characters are not be able to access the CRP communication network. Due to repeated disturbances in the past, security for the comm system was upgraded to prevent any further hi-jacking. Players are now required to contact CRP Moderation Staff prior to initiating any kind of hijacking or having a villain character on the communicator. The list of CRP Moderation Staff can be found in the CORP Staff section.

Things to know Out-of-character

  • In-Character actions are expected to be responded with in-character reactions. If your character is the “badass” type or the type to be rude and offensive, be prepared for that character to be responded to with negativity. If someone ICly happens to take an argument into an IC brawl, you will be expected to follow through and take part in said brawl. If you don’t agree with this statement, then YOU, the player, should consider and know when to stop said argument.
  • Nobody, and I repeat NOBODY should take IC into OOC. If a player happens to start an argument OOC because of an IC incident over the channel, the moderators reserve the right to silence said player from the channel. This does NOT include removing from the channel, they will be SILENCED ONLY and be spoken to in tells to resolve the situation. In case of no moderators being able to take care of such a situation, the players reserve the right to resolve the problem NONCONFRONTATIONALLY. HOWEVER, the FIRST thing that will be expected to do before any moderator silences a player, is to have the two people with the conflict take the argument to tells and resolve it themselves. If they fail to do so, THEN moderators or other players may step in to help resolve the problem.


  • Your characters are required to go through orientation when receiving a new commlink for the CRP channel. Please refer to the CRP Orientation portion of the IC section of this thread.
  • Characters are required to be quiet about law-breaking or morally questionable actions in keeping with villainous or anti-heroic trends. This part is more explained in the In-Character section. The reason for this is because too many people were being bothered by this happening too often. There have been too many arguments occurring IC and OOC involving this, and action has been taken to stop this IC but most of all OOC.
  • In-Character profanity: This will be loosely moderated. Characters who use the f word or happen to say "shit" will be fine. However. ICly Use racial or prejudicial slurs of any sort will not be tolerated and will be subject to both IC and OOC Moderation.
  • OOC conversations should be very limited during RP sessions. We have CORP for a reason. However, if there is no RP going on in the Champions RP channel, OOC is fine, so long as it does not get in the way of other people’s RP. If you are asked, even if it is demanded, to stop OOC during RP sessions, you will not disrespect those that ask of you to stop the OOC.
  • Certain topics regarding religion, politics, sexuality or anything else that could possibly result into heated debates MAY BE MODERATED by the players. Should a player’s character begin a conversation involving any of these topics, other characters should try their best to respect the person bringing such topic into discussion. Any other character becoming involved will show the same respect. Should any disrespect be shown, Moderators reserve the right to halt any discussion ICly if the debate/conversation begins to become too overwhelming. If any player whatsoever be offended by any of these topics, THEY HAVE THE RIGHT TO SAY SO OOC. If this player has commented on this, other players will acknowledge this and halt any further discussion OOC and IC.
  • ASPRA RP may serve as a plotpoint, however it is generally not prudent to bring up your status as an unregistered vigilante unless you are looking for this kind of RP. Let common sense be the ruling factor here. If you want to stay 'under the radar' would you mention it?
  • There are no prerequisites to being invited to the channel beyond reading the rules and agreeing to abide by them.
  • When using CRP for EVENTS, please be sure to clear the event with a CORP moderator before using CRP without permission.