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(Jan 14, 2019)
Good excuse for supernatural supervillainy. Or maybe a covert attack by the Selenites!
(Jan 14, 2019)
Full lunar supermoon eclipse on jan20! Visible across north america!
(Dec 31, 2018)
Happy New Year Guys! :D
(Dec 24, 2018)
Joyeux Noel!
(Dec 24, 2018)
Gud Jul Everyone!
(Nov 26, 2018)
(Nov 25, 2018)
We loveyou, Liaden!
(Nov 23, 2018)
<3 U
(Nov 22, 2018)
I really enjoy interacting with you guys. Thanks for letting me hang here and reading my blather. :-D
(Nov 22, 2018)
For those of you enjoying it, Happy Turkey Day! :)
(Nov 22, 2018)
(Nov 01, 2018)
Hope Everyone had a Great Halloween! :D
(Oct 24, 2018)
I'll be offline for a while. See y'all later.
(Oct 08, 2018)
It's the day we give thanks for Leif Ericsson discovering Vinland ;D
(Oct 08, 2018)
Canadian Thanksgiving, if anyone's wondering. ;)
(Oct 08, 2018)
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! :)
(Sep 16, 2018)
If anyone never picked up the Cstore dance pack, you can get some of them by dropping a partybomb on madbot saphire, a megaD & people loitering by the cake. :)
(Sep 11, 2018)
Haha, Thanks man! :)
(Sep 10, 2018)
Their power is comparable. But per CV 1, DD underestimated SD and attacked him on Multifaria, and was defeated. Barely.
(Sep 10, 2018)
He never said he was more powerful tho. Just that by evidence that the kidnapping took place that Shadowdestroyer wouldn't be something Dr. D could wave hand like most others