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Mumble and TeamSpeak Server Hosting
(Jul 10, 2018)
Ok got on the discord server
(Jul 10, 2018)
was wanting to jump on as it seems you guys use that more, at least form what the activity on this site seems to show
(Jul 10, 2018)
you guys still on the discord sever?
(Jul 05, 2018)
That's just PETA propaganda.
(Jul 04, 2018)
They're Naughty child-eating sort Bob, You're helping, honest! Plus they made Barovia look like a fairly accurate germanic town set in a rain-free washington state pine forest. :P
(Jul 03, 2018)
Slaying werewolves? *cries*
(Jun 30, 2018)
The Ravenloft Expansion in NWO is really quite charming. You get a 70-level armour set for the price of slaying some werwolves! :D
(Jun 23, 2018)
If you havent spotted it [ and are gold] there is a free character slot in the cstore bonus tab.
(Jun 21, 2018)
They snuck in the 40 level removal all underhanded today, Previous selling points of the game are now bugs. Who knew. ><
(Jun 14, 2018)
Oh my goodness! Thank you Drax!! <3
(Jun 13, 2018)
The longest chapter in Champions Beyond deals with the Malvans. You could also search for "Malvans" on this forum thread:
(Jun 13, 2018)
Where can I find information on Malvans?
(Jun 12, 2018)
*Waves back across the 49th Parallel*
(Jun 11, 2018)
*Waves "Hello" from North Dakota!
(Jun 06, 2018)
Ah Drax, thats brilliant!
(Jun 04, 2018)
Drinking a toast to the Quimpy, and to all my long-missed friends. Hope you're having a great life.
(May 02, 2018)
There are so many blooming bushes and trees right now & we had a Thundersnow, this trip to mesa verde is giving me great photo ops! Wish you were here! <3
(Apr 26, 2018)
They can't handle the truth!
(Apr 25, 2018)
They remove the leaf on the icon, at least on the Cryptic site pic.