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Mumble and TeamSpeak Server Hosting
(Apr 11, 2018)
Elephant Seals are so dang cute- but smell so bad ! XD
(Apr 05, 2018)
:D I finally got my lifetime membership! Now I just need to find an invite to the discord!
(Apr 02, 2018)
Can't wait to get internet back so I can hop back in the game
(Apr 01, 2018)
Don't forget your April Feeesh trinket in game today!
(Mar 21, 2018)
OMG level65inSTO in june! Jemhadar expansion! I am so hoping for playable Cardassian! <3
(Mar 13, 2018)
Ack! I completely forgot about that. Thanks!
(Mar 11, 2018)
Bob? You want to link the fund for the PDB on here and maybe the discords to raise awareness? :)
(Feb 28, 2018)
If anyone's interested in taking part in an April Fool's themed event in March, let me know! It's going to be a little odd. I'm working my Mojo on it. >:)
(Feb 27, 2018)
Basics in Champions Universe. More details in the Millennium City book. The elite Special Unit Omega is thoroughly detailed in Cops, Crews, And Cabals.
(Feb 27, 2018)
Where can I find information for MARS?
(Feb 25, 2018)
We <3 you, Caps!!!
(Feb 16, 2018)
Holy cow, that Canada/Czech game was a nailbiter!
(Feb 15, 2018)
Black Panther is good. All I'll leave you with ;)
(Feb 11, 2018)
And yes we are quite active
(Feb 11, 2018)
Hey man! I remember you around before! Welcome back!
(Feb 11, 2018)
Still active? Awesome. Player from a few years ago looking to return, I wonder if my Characters are still there...
(Feb 06, 2018)
It was REALLY cool, especially when the two boosters landed.
(Feb 06, 2018)
You guys catch the SpaceX launch? The booster landing looked like something out of a Sci Fi movie! How cool is that? :D