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(Jan 13, 2017)
PM sent
(Jan 12, 2017)
There's a little lore on Harmon Industries history. PM me if you want to ask.
(Jan 12, 2017)
"A strange targetable teddybear has appeared in the backstage area of the Millennium City powerhouse theater." - in today's CO patch notes.
(Jan 12, 2017)
I don't think so? You could try summoning Lord Liaden.
(Jan 12, 2017)
Is there a thread on the history of Harmon Industries?
(Jan 12, 2017)
It's kind of nice to know that in a sea of other games I've known about and played, Champions Online is one that seems to be the one that keeps goin'. I blame everyone's compulsive desire to remain fabulous.
(Jan 07, 2017)
No worries. As an aside, I may be a couple of minutes late!
(Jan 07, 2017)
Hey Astro, internet is acting up, so I may not make the event today. Sorry. :-(
(Jan 06, 2017)
(Jan 04, 2017)
After a long hiatus, the Act II finale of Chiaroscuro is up!
(Dec 28, 2016)
It seems 2016 isn't done punching us in the gut yet.
(Dec 28, 2016)
This is soul just saying I am more than done with 2016 now. Let it just end and have a happy new year!
(Dec 25, 2016)
Merry Christmas and holidays, CORPies!
(Dec 21, 2016)
Wishing everyone a Happy Winter Solstice, a Merry Saturnalia, and hoping you all have a Joyful Christmas and a Fabulous Chanukah!Orwhatever else you fancy this time of year! Love&Peace
(Dec 19, 2016)
Christmas commercial advertising has already sucked my soul.
(Dec 19, 2016)
It is almost upon us. Christmas. Prepare your souls.
(Dec 13, 2016)
just rest man. holidays alone is a mother...
(Dec 12, 2016)
Get well Caps!
(Dec 11, 2016)
Sorry for lack of activity folks, going through some health issue
(Dec 08, 2016)
Sounds good. Glad to have you back.